At Terra Patio, we know nothing livens up a home and backyard during the hot summer months like beautiful outdoor patio furniture. While we love gathering around the barbecue during a warm summer evening, nothing can ruin the moment faster than going to sit down on an outdoor chair only to find it faded, dirty, and covered in mold. Blistering temperatures and rogue thunderstorms can take their toll on patio furniture, but you can counteract those effects with the right maintenance. Keep reading to discover our five tips on preserving your outdoor furniture collection.

1. Brush Away Dirt

Start with a gentle cleaning. Use a soft-bristled brush to sweep furniture surfaces. Once all loose dirt is removed, use a gentle cleansing solution of ¼ dishwashing soap mixed into one gallon of warm water to rinse furniture. Pat dry.

2. Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

Although most outdoor furniture is built to be sturdy and withstand harsh treatment, abrasive cleaners should be left on the shelves. Save the power-washes, bleach, and pine oil for other projects.

3. Eliminate Mold

Gentle brushing and scrubbing typically isn’t enough to banish mold, so you’ll need a little elbow grease. Wear gloves and use a scrubber or piece of sand paper to buff mold out, taking care not to damage fabric. Throw away any materials that come in contact with the mold.

4. Work With Wicker

Even if you have all weather wicker patio furniture, it’s still important to clean regularly in order to minimize debris buildup. Use a vacuum with a dust-brush nozzle to get rid of dirt. Next, clean the furniture with a gentle soapy solution and rinse. Keep the water to a minimum, as this can breakdown the wicker fibers over time.

5. Cover Up

One of the best things you can do to preserve your patio furniture is also the easiest: cover it up when not in use. You can also remove foot caps as well as keep furniture in an upright position to encourage water drainage.

By following these tips for success, you can enjoy your outdoor furniture for many summers to come. If you have questions about outdoor furniture maintenance, or are interested in our furniture collections, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!