Even in Northern California, home of Terra Outdoor Living’s original showroom, winter can mean brisk days and frosty nights. But it can also mean spectacular sunsets, starry skies, migrating birds and many other great reasons to get together outside.

Augment your outdoor furniture with a fire table. You’ll then enjoy a warm and inviting gathering spot to share a mug of cocoa, a glass of wine or a ghost story, all year-round.

A Clean, Convenient, Cozy Blaze

Traditional wood-burning fire pits are a welcome addition to outdoor spaces. However, many are disappointed to learn their patio is too small for one of these large features.

Not only do fire pits take up a lot of space, they require clearance on all sides in order to be safe. Wood fires generate smoke and ash, along with sparks and flying embers that can pose a fire hazard.

Terra’s fire tables and fire bowls are fueled by propane or natural gas, so they burn cleaner and safer. They’re also are easier to place than wood-burning fire pits.

belvedere teak lounging and contempo fire table in dark basalt
belvedere teak lounging and contempo fire table in dark basalt

Our fire tables have powerful burners that light more easily (some styles even come with remote controls) and radiate warmth more evenly than wood-burning fire pits, so everyone stays cozy and no one has to dodge windblown smoke. Another bonus: No logs mean no wood to buy, chop, split and stack.

Say Hello to Your New Flame

With a range of sizes and shapes in classic and contemporary styles, and options for propane or natural gas, we’ve got a fire table to suit any space. From patios or terraces to seaside bluffs or secluded gardens, the possibilities are endless:

  • Arrange a sectional with an outdoor fire table at the center to create a gathering spot for the whole family.
  • Choose a model with a burner cover to transform it into a coffee table between blazes.
  • Surround a fire bowl with Adirondack chairs to create a rustic retreat (just add s’mores and your favorite view).
  • A fire table and chairs can even serve as an outdoor dining area. Just ensure a comfortable height for eating, and that the table has a broad top surrounding the burn area that accommodates plates and glasses.

Propane or Natural Gas?

Whether you opt for a fire table that burns propane or natural gas depends on your personal preference. Another consideration is whether you have an existing natural gas line that reaches your outdoor entertaining area.

Propane-burning fire tables eliminate the need for a gas line, greatly expanding their placement options. Cleverly designed tank covers double as side tables while concealing the tanks and protecting them from the elements. Our Belvedere and Tahoe fire tables offer concealed tank storage for all-in-one convenience.

If you’d rather have the no-tank ease of natural gas, we have plenty of great options. Many of our propane-burning fire tables can also be converted to natural gas. Just remember: A licensed professional is required to install or convert natural gas fire tables.

woodside adirondack chairs and contempo firetable
woodside adirondack chairs and contempo firetable

Fire Media 411

“Fire media” is the common term used for the material that fills the burn area of the fire table, around and on top of the burner assembly. All fire tables need fire media to function safely.

Beyond the safety considerations, the filler material you choose helps create the aesthetic and atmosphere you want, from the rugged, rustic look of Lava Coals to the Zen serenity of River Rocks to the modern sparkle of Fireglass. You can even change your fire media to suit the season or create a festive look for holidays and events.

Come Sit by the Fire

Still need help deciding which model is right for your space? Stop by a Terra Outdoor showroom to see our fire tables and fire bowls in person, or contact us at 888.449.8325 or contactus@terraoutdoor.com.

We’ll happily answer all your questions and have you warming your toes by the fire in no time.