As the weather changes and autumn comes around, your patio entertainment needs are bound to shift a little bit. That doesn’t mean it’s time to move things inside, though. With a little seasonal turnover, making your patio into a festive fall space full of activities is easy.

Know Your Fall Patio Accessories

Remembering to change over seat cushions on your patio furniture sets to autumn colors is the easy part, but it’s also just the beginning. In addition to the color change, consider adding a few accessories that give you fall-themed activities when you are relaxing outside that includes:

  • Fire pits
  • Fall cookout accessories for roasting marshmallows and making s’mores
  • All-weather covers for your grill and patio set
  • Thematic decorations for fall colors and holidays

That last item is especially important, because the right all-weather protection insures your investment is protected.

Upgrading Your Patio

Fall is a great time to add seating or re-order your patio as you redecorate, so take advantage of the opportunity to freshen up your look. This is also a great time to look ahead at any fall activities you are planning for friends and family, to make sure you have all the activities and seating you need. Adding a few extra chairs around the fire pit is an easy way to make sure you are prepared for all your guests, and the right chair selections will also stack out of the way easily when you don’t need them.

Terra Outdoor Living’s outdoor furniture stores have a wide selection of fall accessories to decorate your patio area for the changing seasons. Whether you are looking to rotate patio furniture sets completely, add seating, or just to update your look with a few new items, it’s easy to preview and brainstorm by looking at the new arrivals in our online store before heading in or placing an order.