Entertaining outdoors is one of life’s great pleasures. Gathering together with friends and loved ones, sharing a glass of wine after a fine meal, and catching up as the stars come out may be some of the finest moments in memory. The right heating element from can prolong the enjoyment and stave off the chill, but no one likes hauling out a large space heater or fussing with large radiators. The convenience and comfort offered by a chic fire table from Terra Outdoor Living is the perfect complement for your patio seating area.

The Perfect Solution for Small Spaces

While traditional metal fire pits are always a happy addition to an outdoor space, many people are disappointed to learn that their existing patio is actually much too small for one of these large features. Not only do fire pits take up a lot of space, they require a lot of clearance on every side in order to be safe.

Fire tables operate in a very similar way to large fire pits while being ideal for small spaces. Designed to safely contain the heat and radiate just the perfect amount of warmth, a fire table can be a much safer option for small outdoor entertaining spaces.

Design Solutions You Will Love

Fire tables come in a surprising variety of styles and offer something different that will certainly excite your guests. Look for features such as:

  • Square or circular shape
  • Fluted European styling
  • Streamlined modern style
  • Coffee table-height perfect for holding beverages or snacks
  • Standard height to facilitate conversation
  • Surface area designed especially for fireside dining

You will find a range of appealing styles that are sure to perfectly suit whatever type of patio furniture you have. Whether you prefer the modern comfort of stainless steel or the traditional appeal of gorgeous teak, fire tables will fit right in.

Fire tables will make an elegant and comfortable addition to any patio or outdoor dining area. Treat your guests to a truly memorable experience with these lovely pieces of furniture.