You’ve made it through the heat of summer, and the signs of fall are beginning to appear. Not only is the weather cooling down, but your local coffee shop has probably put out its annual sign for pumpkin-spiced treats.

It may not be time to close up your outdoor space for the year, but you can make some adjustments to prolong your season when the temperatures begin to dip. Here are five things you can do for your outdoor patio this Fall to extend the use of your exterior space well beyond Summer.

1. Clean & Power Wash Your Deck or Patio

This might not sound like fun, but cleaning up your patio now makes the most sense. The worst heat of the summer has passed, and the chilly winter temps are still to come. You can take some time now, while it is comfortable outside, to do a thorough cleaning of your patio. Then, when you decide to put everything away for the winter, the task will be much quicker.

Sweep up and toss out any debris lying on your deck. Leaving wet leaves sitting on your hardscape too long could result in ugly stains. Pull out your power washer, or borrow one, to give your deck or patio a thorough cleaning. Follow the instructions carefully based on your decking material to prevent damage.

2. Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Protected

It’s always a good idea to keep your outdoor furniture protected from the elements, particularly as the winter season approaches. While you may not be ready to close up your patio just yet, there are several ways that you can protect your investment in your outdoor space.

Furniture covers are customized to fit each piece of your outdoor patio furniture. These are ideal for use when you know a storm is on the way or just want to keep your items protected when not in use.

You can also store those cozy blankets, pillows, and other decor items in a stylish outdoor blanket box that complements the rest of your outdoor patio decor.

3. Update Your Patio’s Outdoor Decor for Fall

Once you’ve updated your foliage, it’s time to move on to the rest of your decor! There are several ways that you can bring autumn colors into a porch setting. You can start by switching out a few cushions or pillows to fall colors such as orange, red, and even deep purple. Also, be sure to add some blankets around the patio for family and guests to use.

You can also make your outdoor space pop for fall by using a variety of accessories to accent your decor. Create a fall table topper with a mix of fall foliage, squash, gourds, and tiny pumpkins. Place larger pumpkins around your space and hang a few autumn-inspired wreaths in the area. Don’t forget to update or accent your outdoor string lighting to reflect the season.

4. Entertain and Stay Cozy Warm!

You can extend your outdoor entertaining season by adding some way to keep everyone toasty warm on your patio. Fortunately, you have several options! Fire pits and heat lamps are popular choices to handle this task. There is another option that is incredibly versatile.

Choose a fire table that matches your patio furniture and fits into your overall layout. These come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and heights. A low fire table has more of a traditional fire pit feel, and there is a chat height option as well that sits taller. These tables can complement your new or existing outdoor furniture to make your space warm and inviting on cooler afternoons or evenings.

5. Switch Over to Fall Foliage

Now that your patio is sparkling clean, it’s time to update your foliage to match the season. There are several ways to accomplish this. You can add annuals to your patio to bring a sense of fall colors and smells to the space.

The simplest way to do this is in containers since they only live for one year and it will be less work to replace them. You can also put fall plants in window boxes next to your patio or use them as table centerpieces. Some examples of frequently-used plants for fall are mums and sweet potato vines.

A bit of Fall outdoor patio preparation is worth the effort. A versatile patio area will provide enjoyment far beyond the summer months with a few simple adjustments. As the temps begin to cool, you’ll find some of your most enjoyable moments at home in this unique space that you have created and made your own.