Whether you’re looking for a stylish sectional or sturdy patio table, the material you choose can have a significant impact on the life and look of outdoor décor. When you want the best of both beauty and brawn, you’ll be hard-pressed­ to find better than premium teakwood. Here are five reasons to buy teak outdoor furniture.

1. Low-Maintenance

Even unfinished teakwood is extremely easy to clean and maintain. By adding a stain, oil, or varnish, your investment becomes extra impervious to water, poor weather, and dirt buildup. If you dread the thought of wiping down patio furniture after each passing storm, you will love no-fuss teak.

2. Built to Last

Few materials rival the durability of teakwood. Its tight-grained strength and natural oils help prevent drying and brittleness, allowing it to last for years while still supporting heavy use. Additionally, because they are sturdier than plastic or aluminum, teak patio sets are not prone to damage from blowing away or falling over.

3. Resistant to Mold and Pests

Thanks to the same natural oils that make it durable, teak is highly resistant to rot from fungus and pests such as termites. This drastically increases the life of patio furniture while giving guests peace of mind.

4. Sustainable

Terra Patio’s premium teakwood is sourced directly from well-managed and certified forests. With 100 percent transparency, our products help to reforest slow-growing teak crops. This makes the material one of the most planet-friendly and sustainable options in patio furniture.

5. Effortless Style

Last, but certainly not least, one of the best perks of this strong and practical material is its raw beauty. Teak complements most any outdoor space with its natural wood grain and neutral hue, even as it weathers over time. In addition, it can be stained any color to coordinate easily with palettes of all kinds.

For these reasons and more, don’t hesitate to make teak part of your outdoor suite. Come visit one of Terra Patio’s Bay Area outdoor furniture stores or shop online now!