Choosing a design for your patio space can be a simple process if you only know where to start. To get the most out of your patio, consider these five tips:

1. Consider Function

The first thing to consider is what you want your space to accomplish. Will it be an all-weather area, or more often used in the warmer months? Will it be a play area for the kids, or a more adult-centered additional eating area? Focus on function first and you will know what direction you need to head in your design.

2. Look for the Right Location

Your patio’s location may be the largest factor in whether or not it is used and successful. A more remote area in the yard may have more appeal, but if it is out of sight and away from your kitchen, it will likely be out of mind and therefore underutilized.

3. Choose Your Furniture Wisely

Most patio spaces include some kind of outdoor patio furniture. If you choose a set, you should make sure it is made of long-lasting material that will withstand the weather. Sun can break down many materials and cut down their lifetime by years, so buying a good quality patio furniture set can help you get more for your money in the long run.

4. Style Matters

A patio is really just an extension of your home, so it should maintain the same design style that is seen throughout. You can do this by utilizing similar design elements, such as a color scheme or furniture style.

5. Don’t Forget Privacy

If you fail to account for privacy in the design of your patio, you are less likely to use the area. You can create a more private area by including tall hedges or installing fences or walls to help protect and shield the area from outside noise or nosy neighbors.

Whatever your design style, if you remember to consider these five tips, you may be more likely to enjoy your space.