A well-maintained, well-designed patio can serve as an amazing gathering space. It can allow you and your family to enjoy your property and host guests in a convenient, comfortable way. Adding to the appeal of patios is that, as this article shows, there are many inexpensive ways to easily install upgrades. Keep reading to find eight great patio ideas for improving your outdoor space on a budget.

Upgrade Idea 1: A Gas Grill

A popular upgrade option highlighted on Better Homes and Gardens is to invest in a gas grill. This can be a great addition, especially if you’re the culinary-minded type, because it can make serving food at social events much easier. A two-burner grill is a powerful cooking solution that is much cheaper than a full outdoor kitchen setup.

Upgrade Idea 2: Umbrellas

If you’re in an overly sunny or rainy area, umbrellas can be a budget-saving godsend, allowing for year-round enjoyment of your patio no matter what the weather is doing. Umbrellas come in a variety of sizes, meaning they can cover virtually any kind of table or seating area. If you’re not sure which umbrellas are worth investing in, consider some of the options available from Terra Outdoor online, or visit your local Terra Outdoor showroom for even greater selection.

Upgrade Idea 3: Storage Furniture

If you find that your patio becomes easily cluttered, then consider investing in furniture that doubles as storage. For instance, HGTV’s Shannon Petrie points out that it’s quite easy to make a rolling table with storage space by using crates and some other inexpensive materials.

If you don’t want to build the furniture yourself, it’s still easy to find budget-friendly options online. As an example, you may be able to find a storage bench that costs less money than buying a bench and storage shelves separately. Another option is a rolling cart, which can serve as a mobile bar or food-storage and serving platform.

Upgrade Idea 4: Build and Install Pallet Decks

Pallet decks can be a fun-to-build, inexpensive upgrade, especially if you’re DIY-minded. As detailed on Pro.com, pallets are easy to find, with Craigslist and store delivery platforms being two good sources. They can be painted to match any color scheme, and they create a somewhat rugged yet textured aesthetic.

Upgrade Idea 5: Create a Lounge

Another idea from Pro.com is the creation of a lounge on your patio. To furnish a lounge, it’s easy to re-purpose old or outdated furniture by using a slip cover to hide any damage or ugliness. Another option is to build your own furniture, using low-cost wood and accessories like cushions. You can also accessorize cheap wicker furniture with cushions and pillows, making it more comfortable and stylish in one go. Alternatively, look for special deals like items on the Terra Outdoor Clearance page or keep an eye out for our semi-annual warehouse sales at our Richmond outlet.

Upgrade Idea 6: Put Down an Outdoor Rug

For an easy way to jazz up the surface of your patio without expensive, time-consuming resurfacing, consider buying an outdoor rug. These are made specifically to withstand the elements, and they come in a huge variety of patterns and materials to match any aesthetic. Additionally, they can be an instant comfort upgrade for you and your guests. For inspiration, have a look at this beautiful use of an outdoor rug by our friend Liz from Desert Decor.

Upgrade Idea 7: Build a Fire Pit

Assuming your patio has a safe location for one, a fire pit can be an incredibly charismatic addition. As covered on HGTV.com, you can even build one yourself by using inexpensive materials such as sand and stones as well as some simple tools. Before you begin this project, however, be sure to check your area’s building codes so that your home remains in compliance with local regulations. An easier option may be to look for pre-fabricated fire pits and tables from Terra Outdoor:

Upgrade Idea 8: Install Lights

Lighting can both make your patio more attractive and make it possible to enjoy the space at all hours. There are many ways to install gorgeous lights on a small budget. For example, you can use wax or LED candles to build simulated lanterns or power a candle chandelier. Solar deck lights are a higher-tech tech option that are still easy to install; these can be particularly useful on steps or anywhere there is a tripping hazard. Finally, string lights are yet another popular choice among patio owners. For inspiration, have a look at the beautiful use of string lights here by Amy from Crazy Chic Design:

Once you’ve put in your choice of these upgrades, all that will be left to do is sit back, enjoy your patio, and relish the fact that you protected your budget!