Winter can be a harsh season on patio furniture. Even the best quality tables, chairs, couches, and accessories can suffer wear and tear. To keep your beautiful outdoor patio furniture looking great year after year, we have prepared a few tips to help you protect your furniture from winter weather.

Protect Furniture Against Moisture and Damp

The Bay Area wintertime is characterized by increased rainfall. This is great for plants but less ideal for furniture made from porous materials such as wicker and wood. Even a high-quality metal patio furniture set can suffer from long exposure to too much moisture. These are a few protection strategies to consider.

  • Cover your furniture. Durable covers designed to protect outdoor patio furniture are a good investment. Even in very temperate climates, covers can ensure that furniture is clean and ready to use. Covers are easily and inexpensively replaced if damaged, and they are quickly folded for convenient storage.
  • Apply protective coating. Some patio furniture, but not all, can be treated with sealants designed to protect from moisture damage. However, not every sealant product is suited to every furniture variety. Careful product research is required to avoid damaging expensive furniture items.
  • Move furniture to another location. Enclosed garages or sheds are usually ideal storage spaces for outdoor furniture. Make sure that furniture is stored level and that heavy or sharp objects are not set on top of items. Covering stored furniture will help keep dust off and protect from atmospheric moisture.

Start Planning Early

Winter weather patterns can be a little unpredictable, so planning ahead during the off-season is a good idea. Identify an ideal storage area when weather is still good. Covers can be purchased a few at a time, so by the time winter weather begins, you will have everything you need for safe furniture storage. These high-quality covers also allow you to safely store your patio furniture for many seasons.