These are challenging times for Americans. Not only are people trying to work and educate their children from home due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, financial pressures and worry over health can make anxiety about the situation feel unbearable

In a society that’s always on the go, figuring out new and creative things to do in quarantine presents its own challenges. Those fortunate enough to have a backyard and their own outdoor space have plenty of ways to stay entertained and busy. It just requires some creative thinking. Below are several ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Set up a Backyard Picnic or Family Movie Night

Now that spring is here, it’s the ideal time to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine in less than ideal circumstances. Having a family cookout or barbeque can make it even more enjoyable. There’s just something about the taste of food cooked outdoors that appeals to many people. Even a hot dog cooked on the grill for the kids will be a different experience for them than eating everyday meals indoors.

The backyard can also be a great place to watch a movie as a family after finishing lunch or dinner. With Amazon, Netflix, and an abundance of companies offering streaming services, it’s as easy as taping up a sheet or piece of large white paper and projecting the images onto it. While it’s not quite the same as watching a movie at the theater or drive-in, looking on the bright side helps. Family members can get up whenever they want without worrying about disturbing others and don’t need to miss any part of the movie because other people were talking.

Snack on some S’mores by the Fire

With most parks and campgrounds temporarily closed, roasting some marshmallows over a backyard campfire, fire pit or fire table is the next best thing. Grab a few blankets in case the nighttime weather is chilly, and enjoy a delicious (and usually messy!) snack.

Bring Out the Backyard Games

The game Cornhole has been all the rage for at least the past year. Those who already have the equipment to play can set it up and host a family Cornhole tournament. The game already required placing the boards at least six feet apart, so it makes for the perfect quarantine activity. Lawn darts, croquet, bocce, and setting up a homemade mini-golf course are other great ideas. Ultimately, the are many games to help those in quarantine stay entertained right in their own backyard.

Enjoy a Glass of Wine and Adult Conversation After the Kids Go to Bed

Having school-aged children suddenly home all day every day has left many parents scrambling for ideas to keep them busy. That is understandable, but parents also need a little bit of time to themselves. For those who enjoy wine or another adult beverage, relaxing on a plush outdoor sofa or loveseat while enjoying conversation with a significant other can do wonders for relaxation and mental health.

However, the beverage isn’t a must. Even a few minutes away from the responsibilities of parenthood while getting fresh air at the same time can make coping with this temporary reality easier for everyone.

Plant a Garden or Create a Greenhouse

Gardening is an activity that many people look forward to in the spring. Fortunately, the spring of 2020 doesn’t need to be any different. Homeowners have even more time to play in the dirt and plant flowers, vegetables, or both. They also have more time to take care of the garden after planting. Some might even consider creating a greenhouse. Not only does this help them stay busy and feel productive, it provides a place to retreat to when people just need a few minutes to themselves.

Sit in the Shade with a Good Book

Reading a book for pleasure has become somewhat uncommon among today’s busy adults. In fact, many adults admit to not having read a book since graduating from high school. Therefore, sitting outside on a stylish chaise lounge or daybed with a novel you’ve been meaning to read can be a good way to spend this time at home. Those feeling especially ambitious can even put up a hammock for their reading pleasure or start an online book club with friends.

Have a Water Balloon Fight

What kid wouldn’t love the opportunity to throw a balloon filled with water at mom or dad? This activity is sure to generate giggles from kids missing their friends and dealing with anxiety of their own. So whether it’s a free-for-all or an organized game, don’t forget to take pictures to remember the experience long after quarantine is over.

There’s no question these are challenging times like many Americans have never faced in their lifetime. However, finding new things to do in quarantine can make a big difference until life returns to normal.

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