Outdoor teak furniture is a naturalistic and beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Teak has obtained a well-earned reputation for being attractive, solid and durable even in the face of multiple outdoor seasons. Because you will want to protect your investment in teak patio furniture, there are a few actions you can take to keep it in great shape for years to come.

Start on the Right Foot

When your teak furniture arrives at your home, it likely will be its natural, beautiful honey color with no protective treatment aside from the natural oils. There is a debate about whether you should treat the wood with additional oils when it is new. It really is a matter of personal preference, but if you don’t oil the teak, it will naturally start to turn a greyish color after being outside for several months.

Keep it Clean

You should expect to clean your teak patio furniture once per year, perhaps before putting it away for the season. If you live in a place with year-round sun, you can do routine cleaning as needed, such as when someone spills liquid on the wood. There are many teak cleaners available, and all you need to do is gently scrub the wood with a soft-bristled brush to reveal the wood’s natural warm brown color.

Seal it Up

When the wood is clean and completely dry, you should apply a thin coat of sealant designed especially for teak. The coating will protect the wood from UV rays and fading for up to a year, so plan on going through the sealing process annually to keep your teak in tip-top shape. You can also keep the furniture covered when it is not in use.

Teak is a sturdy, long-lasting wood that makes for beautiful outdoor patio furniture. With just a minimal amount of maintenance, you can make sure your investment is one that will last for decades.