(Picture above: The Presidio collection featuring grey Italian woven rope and white powder-coated aluminum.)

The practice of using woven rope to create furniture is a tradition that goes back to ancient times in Egypt. In those early days, primitive Egyptians used woven rope to make line-rope chair seats. The material fell out of favor for thousands of years until its recent resurgence as a primary material in various types of furniture. People appreciate woven rope furniture for its strength as well as the versatility that allows for a wide range of furniture styles and functions.

Woven Rope as a Material in Furniture

Furniture designers favor rope because it allows them the opportunity for maximum creativity by using only a single type of material. In addition to being decorative, designers can choose one of several ways to tie the rope together such as braiding, knotting, weaving, or warping. It’s also simple to weave rope in with other materials for an even more elegant look.


Woven rope furniture is especially popular because of its strength. The individual pieces of rope in woven rope come together in a twist or braid to make a larger and more functional piece. While it was once popular to help with such tasks as carrying baskets, the demand decreased over the years as technology improved. Today, people primarily use woven rope for decorative rather than practical purposes. Furniture made from woven rope is one exception to this as it relies on the strength of the material to hold it together.

Benefits of Choosing Furniture Made from Woven Rope

Furniture made from woven rope can be an especially good choice for people looking for items they can leave outside all year long. That is because woven rope is highly resistant to all types of weather including heavy winds and rain.

Another benefit of woven rope furniture in terms of weather is that it doesn’t fade easily when exposed to the sun. The material contains polypropylene that provides natural protection against sun fading along with added strength. Homeowners can leave the outdoor furniture on a patio through all four seasons if they wish without worrying about weather damage. Of course, it’s always a good idea to secure or cover the furniture when expecting severe weather conditions.

Woven rope gives a much softer appearance than some other types of furniture material like steel or aluminum. This can make the patio or other outdoor area seem more welcoming to guests. Adding a small blanket or throw pillow makes it look just as inviting as the indoor furniture and should make guests feel right at home. The new Palisades chairs (pictured below) showcase how woven rope material can be extraordinarily plush and comfortable.

Yet another benefit of woven rope furniture is the ability to customize pieces when placing an order. Because the material is so flexible and easy to work with, the buyer can specify the exact style and size requirements before committing to purchasing new furniture. That way it looks homey right away rather than something they picked out of a furniture showroom and placed outside without much thought.

Popular Types of Woven Rope Furniture

Individual lounge chairs and small outdoor sofas made from woven rope are also popular with today’s consumers. The Marin collection (pictured below) is one example, featuring a charcoal aluminum frame combined with all-weather cord to create an extraordinarily comfortable collection that can easily accommodate balconies and small spaces.

marin collection example of woven rope furniture


A Plethora of Styles to Consider

Some people prefer deep seating for their outdoor chairs and sofas since this really increases the relaxation factor. Homeowners also have a wide range of style options such as chic, classic, elegant, industrial, mid-century, modern, traditional, and retro. These are just some of many of the endless style options homeowners have to turn their outdoor space into a relaxing oasis.