Furniture has been crafted from woven and knotted rope since ancient times, and it’s easy to see why. From the earliest hammocks to Hans Wegner’s iconic midcentury folding chair to Terra’s woven rope outdoor furniture, the enduring appeal of rope has always been airy, lightweight comfort combined with handcrafted beauty and uncommon strength.

New Innovations in Rope

Furniture designers love working with rope because it offers endless options for creating pattern, playing with light and shadow, and emphasizing or softening silhouettes defined by wooden and metal frames. We love it because it’s stylish, low-maintenance and can be one of the most durable materials on the planet for outdoor furnishings.

presidio lounge chair and ottoman in quartz grey aluminum and woven rope
presidio lounge chair and ottoman in quartz grey aluminum and woven rope for mobile view

The Presidio Lounge Chair and Presidio Ottoman in Quartz Grey Aluminum and Woven Rope

What do we mean by “can be”? Traditionally, rope furniture has been made from natural fibers, including palm fronds and grasses, linen, cotton and even twisted paper. Though textural and beautiful, all these traditional materials have one thing in common – they don’t hold up well over time when exposed to the elements.

To create woven rope outdoor furniture that maximizes the design possibilities and can live outside for years to come, Terra uses polyolefin rope. Strong, soft and resilient, this high-performance rope resists fading and staining and weathers the elements beautifully. It can be fine or thick, flat or round, and lends itself to being wrapped, woven, braided and knotted in myriad ways. This makes our designers happy and our customers even happier.

Belvedere extension dining table and Montecito chairs made from woven rope
Belvedere extension dining table and Montecito chairs made from woven rope for mobile view

Lightweight, Strong, Comfortable & Stylish

Combined with teak or aluminum, this innovative all-weather rope creates seating that’s lightweight yet exceptionally strong and supportive – seating that feels comfortable and looks great outdoors, season after season.

Terra’s woven rope patio furniture sheds rain, dries fast, and lets breezes and gusts pass through to help you stay cool on hot days and keep your furniture from blowing away on windy days. In addition, woven rope’s tactile and visual softness offers dynamic contrast to the smooth, crisp lines of wood and metal, bringing sophisticated style to outdoor spaces large and small.

The Cloud Lounge chair & ottoman woven rope furniture
The Cloud Lounge chair & ottoman woven rope furniture for mobile view

A Style for Every Space

Terra has more than a dozen woven rope furniture collections, with options for dining and lounging, poolside and patio, terrace and balcony.

Monte Rio Collection

Crafted with premium teak frames, our Monte Rio collection uses all-weather rope to support plush, weather-friendly cushions.

Montecito Collection

The Montecito collection combines cross-woven rope with rustproof powder-coated aluminum, topped with seat pads and pillows that invite guests to lounge and linger.

Marin Collection

For the ultimate in low-maintenance ease, our Marin collection is designed for use without cushions, wrapping aluminum frames with resilient rope that cradles the body for cool comfort.

Shop our complete assortment of woven rope outdoor furniture online or visit one of our showrooms to experience your favorites in person. Whether you select an entire seating collection or a few key pieces to mix with other materials and styles, we think you’ll be very happy with your choices.

That’s because all our woven rope furnishings are handcrafted with care and designed to endure. They combine the best attributes of woven rope with Terra’s exceptional quality and trendsetting style.