Summer is the perfect season to enjoy outdoor space with friends and family. Amy Romero, of Crazy Chic Design, invited us to come along to her family’s version of a block party, where they treated the whole neighborhood to a refreshing summer favorite.

A lemonade stand is the ultimate enticement to lure friends and neighbors over for good cheer on a hot summer day. The Romero family’s stand was built and decorated by the entire family with flowers and painted banners to welcome all who passed by.

napa dining chairs in white with madera table (weathered teak top)
napa dining chairs in white with madera table (weathered teak top) for mobile

(pictured above)The Madera Dining Table and matching Bench in weathered teak, is a multipurpose work surface for all family activities. Paired with Napa Dining Chairs in white.

Family. Love. Creativity.

Amy’s aesthetic is distinguished by gorgeous clean spaces that utilize textured black and white hues with a little pop of color and the occasional neutral. Her design career originally started as a fun side project.

“I had a 20-year career as a speech pathologist but I had gotten into doing these little DIY design projects and then sharing them on Instagram and Facebook. People kept asking me to do projects for them and I loved the work, so eventually it became clear that design was my future. In 2020, I retired from speech therapy and went full force into this!”

These days, she does about half interior and half exterior projects in California, the season for great weather is long and people spend much of their time in their outdoor spaces.

“During the pandemic, everyone was home more. They wanted to create little spaces in their homes and gardens where they could work or find some alone time. People wanted little nooks that could be multi-functional, so we had a lot of business!”

arts and crafts on the Madera table
arts and crafts on the Madera table for mobile 1
arts and crafts on the Madera table for mobile 2

(pictured above)The teak top Amy’s on Madera table is 8 years old and aged gracefully to a weathered grey. Last year, she added a light white stain to the teak that gives the wood an extra patina.

Life Outdoors.

The Romero family garden is a perfect example of the Crazy Chic Design aesthetic. The Madera whitewashed table is the gathering area for the entire family, as well as the spot for dining al-fresco. The Mason Floating Round Table is ideal for lounging with a cocktail and cheeseboard.

Belvedere lounging with Mason coffee table
Belvedere lounging with Mason coffee table

(pictured above) Belvedere lounging furniture in white aluminum and the Mason Floating Round Coffee Table are the perfect base pieces for Amy’s backyard. Changing the Elaine Smith pillows seasonally adds a fresh pop of color.

“It’s true that when you have a beautiful space to welcome people into, you simply do more entertaining. Our house is the house for gathering – on both sides of the family – everyone wants to be here. They always comment on how much they love our furniture.”

Belvedere lounging with Mason coffee table

Sweet Angel.

memorial for Gabriel Romero
memorial for Gabriel Romero and Amy Romero for mobile

A few years ago, the Romero’s lost their son Gabriel suddenly. Every day brings renewed healing and a wild mixture of intense emotions, but one thing the family always does is honor him in everything they do. Rather than hiding from the painful memories, they include his photograph constantly in their lives to keep him present with them. In every milestone and adventure, the family celebrates his life.

Crazy Chic Design's Amy Romero
Romero family and sunflowers
lemonade stand sign and fresh baked lemon cookies
lemonade stand fun

Thank you to @JoyBearCookies for the adorable and delicious cookie designs.

Albert’s Tips

Amy and her husband, Albert, see their Terra Outdoor pieces as investments. If you take good care of each item, it will last. His tips for maintaining outdoor furniture:

  • Cover everything, except teak, in the off-season
  • Give each item a thorough cleaning each season – vacuum the cushions, use a wet cloth to dust off wood or aluminum frames, and never underestimate the power of dishwashing liquid!
  • During the season, spot clean furniture after each party to remove anything that has dropped onto cushions or surfaces.
  • After several years, for a refresh, you can always do a DIY update to a wooden table. Just lightly sand it and give it a new coat of any color whitewash that suits your fancy.
neigborhood lemonade stand