Concrete has long been viewed as a workhorse material. Easily poured and shaped when wet, strong and durable when dry, it’s used for everything from the sidewalks beneath your feet to the foundations and walls of buildings to the towering hulk of the Hoover Dam.

In fact, examples of concrete construction stretch back to 6500 BC, thousands of years before the Great Pyramids.

From Foundations to Furnishings

All the qualities that make concrete an excellent choice for construction are similarly beneficial to concrete outdoor furniture. Beyond its strength and ability to weather the elements, concrete is low-maintenance and ages handsomely, acquiring a natural patina over time.

The first examples of concrete furniture were decidedly industrial – including seating in stadiums and amphitheaters and tables in city parks. But no less a visionary than Thomas Edison (who founded the Edison Portland Cement Company), predicted a day when concrete furniture would be found in the home.

The Workhorse Evolves

True to Edison’s vision, concrete furniture is gaining popularity today, both indoors and out, for its strength and durability, its industrial edge and the way it pairs stylishly with wood, metal, rope and other design elements.

Innovations in the material itself –notably the development of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC)—have made concrete outdoor furniture lighter and more resistant to cracking under extreme temperatures, while retaining all the qualities that have made concrete among the most-used manmade materials of all time.

concrete furniture at Terra Outdoor Living

Terra Raises the Bar

Crafted by hand from state-of-the-art GFRC, Terra’s concrete furniture is designed for timeless beauty and engineered to last. This lighter-yet-stronger material, along with hollow bases, make our tables and benches remarkably easy to move and place.

Proportions are carefully calibrated to ensure that the silhouettes are always elegant and sculptural, and we pay special attention to the finishing of each piece, perfectly replicating the subtle shading of raw concrete, so it performs flawlessly and ages gracefully.

A concrete patio table from Terra is designed to be the center of your outdoor living, season after season, for years to come.