Your outdoor space is an extension of your home, and creating the perfect patio oasis involves thoughtful consideration of every element. One key player in transforming your outdoor area into a comfortable and stylish retreat is the patio umbrella. From providing shade on scorching summer days to adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor décor, choosing the right umbrella is crucial.

Read on as we guide you through the best practices to pick the perfect patio umbrella for your space. Whether you’re aiming for a cozy intimate setting or a spacious entertainment area, our tips and insights will ensure that you make an informed decision. Ultimately, the right patio umbrella will enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor haven and deliver the functionality you need.

center post, market patio umbrella animation opening and closing

(pictured above) Animation of the opening and closing functionality of the Quad Pulley Lift 9.0′ Market Umbrella with a hardwood frame

Understanding Patio Umbrella Measurements

When it comes to choosing the perfect patio umbrella, understanding the measurements is key to ensuring a seamless fit in your outdoor space. The primary dimensions to consider are the canopy size, pole height, and overall height. Let’s break down these measurements to make your umbrella selection process a breeze.

1. Canopy Size:

The canopy size is a critical factor that determines the amount of shade your umbrella provides. This measurement is typically expressed in diameter and refers to the width of the umbrella when fully opened. Consider the size of your outdoor furniture or seating area to choose an umbrella with an adequate canopy size. For dining tables, ensure the umbrella spans beyond the table’s edges to cover seated guests effectively.

measurements for market umbrellas
patio umbrella measurements for mobile

2. Pole Height:

The pole height plays a crucial role in how comfortably the umbrella fits into your outdoor setting. Measure the distance from the ground to the point where you want the umbrella canopy to provide shade. Opt for an umbrella with an adjustable pole if you prefer flexibility in height, allowing you to adapt to different seating arrangements or varying sunlight angles.

3. Overall Height:

The overall height includes both the canopy and pole height, giving you a complete picture of how the umbrella will stand in your outdoor space. This measurement is essential for ensuring that your patio umbrella won’t obstruct views or collide with surrounding structures. Consider the clearance above your outdoor furniture and any hanging lights or decorations to choose an umbrella that harmonizes with your overall outdoor design.

By understanding these measurements, you’ll be well-equipped to select a patio umbrella that fits your space aesthetically. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the perfect amount of shade for your outdoor activities.

Next, let’s explore the different styles of umbrellas, including market, cantilever and more.

Market Umbrellas

Also known as center-post umbrellas, these are your classic shade option and might be what you first think of when you imagine an ‘outdoor umbrella’.

two market umbrellas and three chaise loungers adjacent to pool
center post umbrellas and chaises

(pictured above) Glide Tile Market Umbrellas paired with Sausalito Chaise Loungers in a stunning poolside setting.

They can come with a variety of tilting mechanisms. These include ‘Auto-tilt’ ‘Push-button’ or ‘Glide-tilt,’ all designed to customize your shade based on the position of the sun.

Terra carries a mix of all of these mechanisms, to suit every customer’s needs.

Push-button is the simplest, as the name suggests one has to reach up and press a button to enable the tilting. However, this is the most physical of the tilting mechanisms. Therefore it may not be suitable for every customer, despite its appealing simplicity.

Glide-tilt is quickly becoming the more popular option. On these umbrellas, the tilt is operated by sliding (or gliding) the crank housing up or down. As a result, it’s a great option for those who find it harder to reach up and hold a button in.

Finally, an auto-tilt umbrella is controlled by the same crank that opens and closes the canopy. Once fully open, keep on cranking and watch the umbrella tilt.

auto tilt patio umbrella along side Presidio chaise lounge chairs
center post umbrella with auto tilt function alongside charcoal toned chaise loungers

Key benefits of market umbrellas

  • They are the most space efficient option. Therefore, they’re suitable for small areas with limited shade coverage required.
  • If you have a table that supports it, market umbrellas can go through a table’s umbrella hole. This can create that classic café style look, right in your backyard.
  • Typically more affordable than a cantilever umbrella.

Cantilever Umbrellas

The word cantilever refers to how the canopy is projected outwards from the supporting pole. Therefore cantilever umbrellas offer a completely unobstructed shaded area. Then the 360 degree rotation capabilities of the canopy offers tremendous freedom in how you position your shade.

Belvedere lounge furniture in teak shaded by Tuuci cantilever umbrella
Cantilever umbrella alongside pool with teak lounge furniture and fire table

(pictured above) A Tuuci cantilever umbrella provides poolside shade for a Belvedere teak lounging set and a Contempo fire table.

These types of umbrellas are for those serious about shade, typically coming in at a higher price point than market umbrellas and offering much more coverage and flexibility in return.

Key benefits of cantilever umbrellas

  • Without moving the entire umbrella, you can switch between covering multiple different areas by rotating the canopy. For example if you had a dining area & a seating area, with the cantilever umbrella set between. Once the meal is finished and you’re ready to relax, simply rotate it to cover the seating area.
  • Huge amounts of coverage: you can get some very large canopies in this category, The 10’ x 13’ cantilever umbrella (pictured below) offers 130 sq. ft. of shade coverage.
  • Resort level luxury – seeing a cantilever umbrella brings to mind the level of luxury otherwise found at resorts and hotels. You can have all of that in your backyard or patio.
10x13 cantilever patio umbrella from Terra Outdoor
10x13 cantilever patio umbrella from Terra Outdoor

Features to look for

  • As previously mentioned, most cantilever umbrellas feature 360 degree rotation.
  • Some higher-end umbrellas feature a telescoping mast. This enables closure of the  the canopy over your furniture without the canopy colliding with it.
  • Some of these cantilever umbrellas, such as the AKZ series by Treasure Garden, not only tilt side to side, but also front to back movement. As a result, no matter where the sun is in the sky, you’re able to create the right shade.
  • Rolling bases: some base options feature wheels, meaning you can reposition the entire umbrella as well as rotate or tilt it. This is great for people who have multiple areas in their outdoor space, but only one umbrella.

Popular Patio Umbrella Brands

Terra currently carries two brands of outdoor patio umbrellas, Treasure Garden and TUUCI. We’ll go over some key highlights below:


Sometimes referred to as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of outdoor umbrellas, these made-in-Miami shade providers are made to the highest standards of quality. Designed to be used on the world’s most luxurious yachts, you can spot a TUUCI umbrella from 100 yards if you know what to look for.

TUUCI patio umbrella with marine-grade quality details

(pictured above) Close-up view of marine-grade materials used in TUUCI umbrella design

Apart from the outstanding build quality, eye-catching designs, and best-in-class materials – every single component of a TUUCI umbrella can be replaced if needed. Therefore your investment can be kept and maintained for potentially a lifetime.

TUUCI Shade doesn’t have to only be practical, it can be a beautiful conversation starter. 

TUUCI Oceanmaster M1 razor umbrella
TUUCI Oceanmaster M1 razor umbrella

(pictured above) TUUCI Ocean Master M1 Razor umbrella providing shade for two in-pool Palm Springs Shelf Loungers

* TUUCI umbrellas are not available for purchase online. Give our Customer Care team a call at 1.888.449.8325 or consult your local showroom to discuss ordering options.

Treasure Garden

Make no mistake, patio umbrellas by Treasure Garden are premium outdoor shade options. At a much more affordable price point than TUUCI, they come packed full of features and options to suit most.

Treasure Garden patio umbrella and Ravello lounging furniture
Treasure Garden patio umbrella and Ravello lounging furniture

Treasure Garden patio umbrella canopies are made from premium quality Sunbrella fabric. This fabric warranty ensures no fading for at least 5 years, easy cleaning and maintenance to keep things looking fresh.