Covered Patio Ideas for All Seasons

In the past, colder temperatures meant the end of outdoor entertaining. But not anymore with the help of covered outdoor living spaces. With a few pointers from the pros, you can enjoy your front porch or backyard all year long.

Take it from Teresa and Bill Hooper. The nationally recognized realtor and contractor have lived in East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area for two decades. Six years ago, they bought a farm there and recently finished renovating it. One of the top priorities they had during the construction project was to optimize their outdoor spaces.

And they’re not the only ones. Teresa noticed during the COVID-19 pandemic that buyers were focused on having covered outdoor living areas that expanded their options – and that trend has continued. Outdoor space is now as important as indoor space, especially in California. When sellers are looking at how to maximize their return on investment, Teresa always recommends creating beautiful living spaces outside the home with a covered kitchen or dining area and seating around a fire table.

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Go Under Cover

Covered outdoor living spaces are the ultimate home additions. From California rooms to porches to pavilions, they allow you to spend time outside even when it’s raining or snowing. And there’s just something about being protected under a roof while being able to enjoy the fresh air that makes life better.

The Hooper’s front porch offers a view of their property. “We wanted an outdoor front area that would feel more like a room than a porch, so we added the tongue-and groove ceiling to give it depth,” Teresa said. “Covered spots create a more intimate setting because it feels like you’re inside the house.”

holiday party under a covered outdoor space
holiday gathering under a covered outdoor living space

(pictured above) Solana Relaxing chairs surround the fireplace as guests gather around the Madera Vintage dining table, matching bench and Madera dining chairs.

The Elevated Guide to Cooking Out

In the backyard, Teresa and Bill use their covered outdoor patio to cook and eat many times a month. The full kitchen helps them create and serve multicourse meals in a gorgeous space with no walls. The pavilion idea came from a store that had an outdoor structure with a metal roof. It was exactly what Teresa wanted for her own space.

“I literally took a photo and gave it to my husband. He and our landscape contractor, Jim O’Brien, designed the dining pavilion together. I grew up on a farm in Ohio and loved the metal roofs we had on our barns, so we pulled in the farm theme and put a silver metal roof on this space.”

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side view of covered outdoor patio
side view of covered outdoor patio in mobile view

Fans of the Flames

People always want to gather around a fire. The warmth of the flame adds to the warmth of togetherness. That’s why the Legend Fire Table is one of the Hoopers’ favorite features of their outdoor life. They then paired it with four of our Sausalito Swivel Lounge Chairs to create the perfect space. “We love our fire table and use it year-round. We just wrap up in blankets during the colder temps. On holidays and after dinner – that is always the gathering spot for wine and stories and laughs.”

If you’re intrigued, give it a try. This winter, instead of covering or storing your outdoor furniture, make the most of it for year-round entertaining in your very own natural habitat.