On May 20th, Terra teamed up with Yardzen to create three gorgeous, functional and fire-resistant yards for Ember Stomp 2023. The landscape design firm operates completely online with one goal – to help people live better outside.

Ember Stomp was created when the founders had to rebuild their home after it was destroyed by wildfire. They discovered that the landscaping process was a complicated, expensive system and knew they could improve it.

So, they did. Employing horticulturalists, landscape architects, exterior designers and construction experts, the company provides its customers with a plan based on their vision and connects them with the people they need to get the job done.

This Yard Rocks

bolinas and belvedere fire-resistant yard furniture

 (pictured above) The Bolinas Sectional, paired with the Belvedere coffee table in charcoal aluminum.

The Fire Stops Here

The best choice of materials for fire protection is anything ember-resistant. Fortunately, Terra offers many products made of premium materials that won’t easily ignite. The aluminum and mesh Pasadena Collection is perfectly suited to fire-safe design with its clean lines and architectural precision. The Presidio Collection is also a good choice, featuring a glass-topped table with the look of ceramic and durable aluminum frames.

fire resistant backyard layout

Tips + Tricks from the Pro

Strategy, strategy, strategy. That’s the name of the game when planting in fire country. Here are some tips about fire-resistant yards we learned from the Fire Safe Marin experts:

  • Rely on hardscapes like walkways and patios to create a fire break and slow the spread of fire to your home
  • Plants should be well-irrigated and maintained, and cleared of dead leaves and debris
  • When planting, separate plants to help contain spot fires
  • On high-risk red flag days, bring cushions, umbrellas, flammable rugs and mats inside
pasadena furniture collection

 (pictured above) The Pasadena outdoor furniture collection in charcoal aluminum.

fire-resistant presidio outdoor dining furniture

 (pictured above) The Presidio outdoor dining collection in charcoal aluminum and woven rope.

One Last Fire-Resistant Yard Tip

When planning for fire protection, the best course of action is to create your design with Yardzen, then shop for fire-resistant furniture from Terra Outdoor!

Belvedere outdoor dining and lounging collectoon

 (pictured above) The Belvedere outdoor furniture collection in charcoal aluminum.