Teak is a beautiful wood, and one of the few that can stand the test of time. It’s strong, durable, and has a gorgeous golden color. Without treatment, teak furniture naturally weathers to a refined grey-silver patina. Read on to learn how to grey teak furniture over time, or how to restore teak to its original golden hue.

What are the Natural Properties of Teak?

Teak wood is a hardwood that can range from light brown to dark brown in color. It’s strong, durable and naturally water resistant, making it perfect for outdoor furniture.

It’s also a sustainable resource. Teak trees grow at an incredibly slow rate of about 1/5 of an inch per year. Additionally, they are harvested only after they reach maturity.

Nicasio grey teak furniture set
Nicasio grey teak furniture set for mobile view

(pictured above) The Nicasio collection in weathered teak by Terra Outdoor Living

Teak is also very versatile. Manufacturers use teak to create outdoor furniture from chaise loungers to adirondacks, dining tables and more.

Untreated Teak will Turn an Elegant Silver-Grey Over Time

Untreated teak is naturally weathers to a grey-silver color. As the natural oils in the wood release, the color change gradually occurs. If you prefer the look of weathered teak furniture, purchase untreated teak for your outdoor pieces.

You’ll likely notice weathering on your furniture within the first few months. The speed of this process depends on the environment, but it can take several years for teak outdoor furniture to fully weather to grey. Patio furniture exposed to a lot of sun and moisture often speeds up up the aging process.

Madera dining table and bench with weathered teak tops
Madera dining table and bench with weathered teak tops for mobile

(pictured above) The Madera table and dining bench with weathered teak tops. Paired with the Belvedere dining chair in white.

How to Compliment Grey Teak Patio Furniture

Grey teak is a versatile color that can complement an array of styles. It pairs well with other grey furniture, and alternatively works with a classic black and white look.

Enhance just about any style of décor by adding some grey teak outdoor furniture to the mix. Showroom associates from Terra Outdoor are always happy to provide assistance with style combinations.

Restoring Grey to Gold

Teak is a beautiful material and one that’s sure to stand the test of time outdoors. As teak naturally ages, some prefer the original golden hue while others opt for the refined appearance of weathered grey teak. For those who wish to restore grey teak furniture back to it’s original golden glow, Terra Outdoor recommends SEMCO Two-Part Teak Cleaner.

before and after of grey teak restored to original gold

(pictured above) Before and after restoration of Belvedere teak sofa, lounge chairs and coffee table.

Using just a soft bristle brush and a hose, the two-part cleaner removes existing dirt and grime and restores grey teak outdoor furniture to its original color. SEMCO teak cleaner is available for purchase at any Terra Outdoor showroom.

Going Grey for the Get-Go

For those who want the refined grey teak look without the wait, Terra Outdoor offers a number of options. Pieces from several of our most popular collections, including Belvedere, Nicasio and Madera, feature a weathered teak option. These selections are pre-treated with a light stain to create an elegant silver-grey patina.

Browse some of the best-selling grey teak outdoor furniture below: