Many of our customers ask us how to choose chairs to go with their outdoor dining tables. While we have many collections that include matching dining tables, chairs and benches, we love the more contemporary trend of pairing mixed materials and different designs to create a unique look.

To illustrate how many ways you can make your outdoor dining area stylish, we asked two of Terra’s top tastemakers to show us how it’s done. Say hello to Donna Maguire, Sales Manager of all Showrooms (above left) and Chantal Marchessault, Rocklin Showroom Manager (above right).

The Bordeaux Dining Table

Bordeaux pairs a rustic acacia wood base inspired by 19th-century French trestle tables with a top crafted from GFRC (glass fiber-reinforced concrete) that delivers superior weather-resistance and durability with all the industrial appeal of concrete. Donna and Chantal both chose chairs made with our all-weather rope, but in very different styles.

bordeaux table with capistrano dining chairs
bordeaux table with capistrano dining chairs for mobile

Donna’s Chair – Capistrano Dining Chair

Capistrano’s tapered teak legs and curved back echo midcentury Danish design, while handwoven all-weather rope brings it up to the moment with panache. Made to encourage relaxing, the Sunbrella® seat cushion is fitted for a tailored, upholstered look in a color that complements the Bordeaux tabletop.

bordeaux table with diablo dining chairs
bordeaux table with diablo dining chairs for mobile

Chantal’s Chair – Diablo Dining Chair

Diablo features a curved back and scooped seat made of flat-woven Italian rope that cradles the body for no-cushion comfort that’s super low-maintenance. Designed with clean lines engineered for ergonomics, the lightweight stackable aluminum frame has a compact footprint that’s ideal for seating a crowd at dinner. The rope and aluminum elements offer modern contrast to the traditional style of the Bordeaux table.

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Diablo Extension Dining Table

Built to weather the elements with style, the versatile Diablo extension table is topped with paint-infused glass that provides the beauty of ceramic with the durability of tempered glass. It pulls apart easily to accommodate the leaf that nests under the middle when not in use. Donna and Chantal both chose supportive wraparound chairs with comfortable seat cushions, but in dramatically different designs.


diablo dining table with cavallodining chairs
diablo dining table with cavallo dining chairs on mobile

Donna’s Chair – Cavallo Dining Chair

Embracing comfort with inviting style, Cavallo’s sweeping aluminum curves wrap around a cushion clad in weather-friendly Sunbrella® fabric for outdoor dining with uncommon luxury. It’s a sensuously simple design that’s lightweight and easy to move. Featuring the best of both worlds, the frame of the chair matches the frame of the Diablo table yet contrasts its crisp angularity.

diablo dining table with fortuna dining chairs
diablo dining table with fortuna dining chairs on mobile

Chantal’s Chair – Fortuna Dining Chair

Woven with Italian all-weather rope, Fortuna’s remarkably comfortable, supportive barrel back encloses a slatted seat topped with a fast-drying cushion. The chair is made with a lightweight aluminum frame that provides superior strength plus streamlined style that softens the Diablo table’s linear form.

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The Belvedere Bar Table

Belvedere offers architectural style and long-lasting functionality with a crisp, modern feel. Combining clean lines with expertly crafted aluminum, it sets the stage for years of sunset cocktails to come. Donna and Chantal both chose light, airy bar chairs with Sunbrella® cushions and integrated footrests, but in very different materials.


belvedere bar table and olema bar chairs
belvedere bar table and olema bar chair

Donna’s Chair – Olema Bar Chair

Olema deftly mixes eye-catching, on-trend design with weather-friendly materials for style and comfort that endure. Featuring wraparound ergonomic curves and tapered legs, its sleek aluminum frame is covered in supportive Italian-made rope that provides tactile and visual softness next to the tall Belvedere table.

belvedere bar table and napa bar chairs
belvedere bar table and olema bar chairs on mobile

Chantal’s Chair – Napa Bar Chair

Napa is informed by midcentury style, yet firmly fixed in the present. Crafted of strong aluminum, its embracing silhouette is wrapped with an airy high-tech weave that shrugs off rain, sun and even chlorine while providing comfortable support. Tapered legs of natural teak add welcome warmth to the modern metal of the tall Belvedere table.

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Looking for more help with your outdoor furniture as your try to match dining tables and chairs? Contact your local Terra Outdoor showroom or call us at 1.888.449.8325 for more assistance!