(pictured above) Lounge chair and loveseat from the Skyline collection, paired with the Redondo side table

Balconies are highly valuable assets, especially when living in apartments or condos with no yard. Offering an outdoor oasis in urban environments, they represent an opportunity to get more use out of your real estate.

The trick is knowing how to make the most of every inch of space. Thoughtful planning enables kind of environment that’s going to make you feel comfortable and happy. Here are some ideas for adding outdoor furniture and other design elements to a balcony space.

Small balconies should be furnished with comfort in mind

When furnishing a small balcony, comfort should be your number one priority. Balconies exposed to wind, sun, rain and other elements require furniture that will withstand the conditions over time.

outdoor balcony furniture: bar table and chairs
outdoor balcony furniture bar table and chairs for mobile view

(pictured above) The Ventura bar table in white, paired with Belvedere bar chairs in white

The same goes for when it gets hot outside. To enjoy your balcony during the summer months, you’ll want to consider everything from colors or fabrics that repel heat to shade options to keep cool.

Don’t forget about the greenery

A patio is a great place to add greenery. Plants can help to create a sense of privacy, block the noise of the street, reduce heat and glare, and soften the look of your balcony.

There are many options available when it comes time to choose plants for your outdoor space; however, some may be more suitable than others depending on what type of plant material you’re looking for and how much sunlight each plant requires.

potted plants on a balcony
potted plants on a balcony for mobile display

Durability is key when selecting seating

Seating is an important part of outdoor living, and it’s best to have a few different options available. Some like to repurpose seating items used inside their home or apartment.

However, it’s better to invest in something specifically designed for outdoor use. For example, patio furniture made from weather-resistant materials like premium teak or powder-coated aluminum will last for years. Well-made outdoor furniture will withstand the elements without fading or rusting due to exposure.

Select outdoor balcony furniture that maximizes space

If you have a small balcony, make sure you make the most out of every inch. Bar tables and chairs are a great way to use verticality to make the are feel larger.

Make sure there’s appropriate seating for the space. If your balcony isn’t big enough for more than two people, then it’s better to limit yourself to one or two chairs. Otherwise, consider adding an outdoor sofa set so that more people can sit comfortably on the balcony at once.

Add storage space if necessary (especially if there’s no room inside). A wicker blanket box doubles as both storage and extra seating; add another basket on top of it for additional storage or fill it with cushions for extra comfort!

Folding chairs and tables save space when not in use, while stackable chairs or stools allow flexibility when the space is needed for entertaining. Add nesting tables that can be put away when not in use, and you’ll have plenty of options for both storage and style!

Add some color to your space

pillows and blankets bring a splash of color to an outdoor balcony space
pillows and blankets on furniture bring a splash of color to an outdoor balcony space

Curtains or blinds create a sense of privacy if nearby buildings overlook your apartment or condo. You can also add color to your balcony space, which will make it feel larger and more inviting.

Colorful pillows and blankets will help you create a relaxing space where you can enjoy the outdoors. If you have children, adding brightly-colored toys and games will give them something fun to do while they’re outside on the balcony with you!

Consider the shade factor

To enjoys the outdoors and your balcony furniture during the day, think about much shade from other buildings and trees. If there’s a lot of shade and little light, it might be hard for people who are sitting on your balcony to see each other or even read a book. By contrast, full exposure to the midday and afternoon sun means a patio umbrella would be a wise investment.

In rainy climates, consider investing in covers for your outdoor balcony furniture to keep cushions and surfaces from attracting mildew during winter months.

While a small balcony can be challenging to decorate, there are plenty of ways to make your space feel bigger and more inviting. When choosing furniture and accessories, think about how much use each item gets and whether it makes sense in your home. For more tips and inspiration, visit a Terra Outdoor showroom near you!