A fire table is the best way to make your outdoor space a year-round destination for gatherings with cocoa or cocktails, under sunny or starry skies. Terra has a fantastic selection, from sleek, simple fire bowls to fire tables with room for dining. We’re here to help you create the perfect setup for your yard, patio, terrace or balcony.

Fire Table vs. Firepit: What’s the Difference?

a backyard fire pit burning natural wood
mobile view of a backyard fire pit burning natural wood

Before we get into the details, let’s cover the basics. Namely, how do Terra’s fire tables differ from firepits?

A firepit is a ring or basin made of brick, stone, metal or concrete in which you burn wood. Wood fires generate smoke and ash, along with sparks and flying embers that can pose a fire hazard, so firepits require a great deal of clearance on all sides for safe operation. Also, the slightest breeze can send smoke wafting into the eyes and lungs of those gathered around the blaze.

Fire tables, on the other hand, are freestanding units fueled by propane or natural gas, so they burn more cleanly and safely than firepits. They’re also easy to place in any outdoor space that has a flat surface. Fire tables light as easily as gas barbecues and radiate warmth more evenly than wood-burning firepits, so everyone stays cozy and no one has to dodge windblown smoke. Another bonus: There’s no wood to chop or ashes to discard.

Choosing a Fire Table: Size, Style & Fuel Options 

mobile view of Contempo fire table in dark basalt with Belvedere sectional in teak

(pictured above) The Contempo Rectangular Fire Table in Dark Basalt, cleverly paired with matching right-arm and left-arm Belvedere Teak Sectional pieces to create an extended length seating area.


Where do you want your fire table to live? Select a spot that’s clean, dry, flat and well-ventilated. Several of Terra’s fire tables have foot levelers to help stabilize them on uneven surfaces like flagstone or brick. Unlike firepits, most fire tables can be placed on wood or composite decks, under pergolas, and on sheltered terraces and loggias (as long as the ceiling is at least 80″ high).

Cosmopolitan fire table in dark basalt with levelers for uneven surfaces

(pictured above) close-up view of the Cosmopolitan Fire Table in Dark Basalt with levelers for uneven surfaces


What’s a fire table without surrounding seating? Decide how much seating, if any, you’d like around your fire table. A pair of Adirondack chairs on a bluff or dock? A living room’s worth of lounge seating on a patio? Whatever combination and configuration you choose, allow at least 2 feet between the fire table and seating for comfort and safety. This should give you a good idea of the size and shape of table that fits your needs.


Terra’s fire tables range from 12″–25″ high and have varying ratios of burn area to tabletop. So, whether you envision your guests warming their feet by the flames or dining by the fire, you can find the model that works best for you.

contempo round fire table in light basalt with a pair of woodside adirondack chairs in white
mobile view of contempo round fire table in light basalt with a pair of woodside adirondack chairs in white


Terra’s fire tables are fueled by propane or natural gas. Which you choose depends on your personal preference and whether you have a natural gas line that reaches your outdoor entertaining area (or are planning to install one). Propane-burning fire tables eliminate the need for a gas line, greatly expanding the placement options.

Several of our propane tank covers double as side tables while protecting the tank from the elements. Our Belvedere, Tahoe and Contempo Select fire tables provide concealed tank storage for all-in-one convenience. If you prefer the no-tank ease of natural gas, conversion kits are available to connect most models to existing gas lines. We recommend you hire a licensed professional to install a natural gas fire table or convert a propane fire table to natural gas.


So, you’ve chosen the fire table you want and you’re already dreaming about your first fireside gathering. Before you send out the invites, you’ll want to pick up some filler. “Fire media” is the term for the material that fills the burn area of the fire table, around and on top of the burner assembly.

All fire tables need fire media to function efficiently, and all of Terra’s fire tables come with a starter pack of it. To get the most out of your fire table, however, you’ll want to use additional fire media to completely cover the burner – this allows it to distribute, retain and radiate heat better.

The type of fire media you choose can also help create the aesthetic and atmosphere you want, from the rustic look of lava coals to the modern sparkle of fireglass. You can even change the color and type of fire media you use to suit the season or create a festive look for holidays and special events.


In addition to cleverly designed side tables that conceal propane tanks, Terra offers fire table lids that keep burn areas free of leaves and allow the tables to function as coffee tables in between blazes. We also offer glass wind guards to contain the flames and protective covers to ensure your table is always clean, dry and ready to glow. Check the product details for the fire table you like to determine which accessories come with it and which ones you may want to add.

A new fire table offers a stylish way to keep your patio warm year-round. Now, all that’s left to do is send out those invites and start relaxing.