Aluminum is the most popular material for outdoor dining tables because it has a lot going for it. It’s durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and versatile.

Even better, aluminum offers excellent resistance against corrosion. Using powder-coating the material transforms to any color desired and enjoys improved heat-resistance.

Below is an overview of why aluminum furniture is a fabulous choice for your outdoor needs:

Lightweight & Easy-to-Move

Aluminum is lightweight, making it easy to transport or move around from place to place. Mobility matters when re-arranging your patio for different occasions or seasons.

Aluminum is also one of the easiest metals for assembling and disassembling. The material is lightweight but sturdy enough for regular use outside (especially compared with steel).

The Portola dining table and chairs, built with aluminum frames, teak and woven rope
The Portola dining table and chairs, built with aluminum frames, teak and woven rope for mobile

(pictured above) Light-weight and masterfully blending mixed materials, the Portola outdoor dining table in white aluminum and teak paired with the Portola dining chairs

Durability & Resistance to Corrosion

Aluminum is a soft metal, so it scratches or dents fairly easily. Therefore, most outdoor table frames are powder-coated with special paint that improves durability. This ensures that moving a table or setting portable pizza oven on it will be less likely to cause damage.

As for corrosion resistance: aluminum does not rust (it does oxidize). Subsequently, if a table gets wet from rain or spilled wine, there’s no rust occurring underneath those protective layers of paint. It also doesn’t tarnish like silverware does over time.

Aluminum Tables Offer Versatility for Outdoor Dining

Aluminum is a versatile metal, so it’s no wonder that it’s the most popular material for outdoor tables. Its versatility makes it so appealing. Because of its strength and durability, aluminum works with many styles—from traditional to rustic to modern.

The Portola Dining table in charcoal with ceramic-style glass top paired with Fortuna dining chairs

Aluminum also works well when mixing and matching with other materials like teak, concrete and ceramic glass. Just about any style of table can be built from aluminum.

Aesthetically speaking, aluminum blends seamlessly into any décor whether you’re creating an industrial look or working with natural elements such as wood planks or stone surfaces. Aluminum will never go out of style because it will always look current but also timeless at the same time!

Benefits of Powder Coating

The powder coating process involves applying a thin layer of powder to the surface of aluminum, which is then heated in a high-pressure, high-temperature oven. This creates an extremely durable finish that resists chipping and scratching.

Terra Outdoor offers aluminum outdoor dining tables in a variety of powder-coated aluminum frame finishes including:

friends dining in a backyard for entertaining
Diablo outdoor dining table in quartz grey aluminum

While you may think that this would be at odds with the rustic appearance of untreated aluminum, it actually enhances it by giving you added protection from outdoor elements.

Aluminum is easy to clean and maintain

Aluminum is very easy to clean and maintain. To keep it shiny and looking great, use a soft cloth with warm water and mild soap. Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaners as they will remove the oxide layer that protects aluminum from corrosion.

If you need to remove stains from your table, try using white vinegar diluted in water on a damp cloth instead. Allow the surface to dry before applying another coat of protective coating if necessary.


We hope this article has helped you better understand why aluminum is the most popular metal for outdoor tables. Aluminum is a great material that can be used in many ways.

So if you’re looking for an outdoor dining table that won’t rust or crack over time, consider purchasing one made of this versatile material!