You can transform your backyard for entertaining with the right tools and a little bit of elbow grease. We’ve compiled some tips to help you along the way, so take notes!

Invest in Outdoor Heating

Outdoor heating is a great way to extend your outdoor season and increase your entertaining potential. The cost of installation may not be significant, and will ensure extended enjoyment of your space.


cozy outdoor seating area warmed by fire table
cozy outdoor seating area with warmth provided by fire table

Outdoor fire tables provide the light and warmth necessary to enjoy outdoor living on starry nights or brisk days. Patio heaters are another popular option to upgrade a backyard for entertaining in cold weather.

Create a Gathering Area with Chairs and Sofas

If you have a large yard, consider creating a gathering area that includes a number of chairs and sofas. Options for creating backyard entertaining spaces and seating include sectionals, adirondacks, lounge chairs & more.

backyard entertaining space with sectional and coffee table
backyard entertaining space with sectional and coffee table for mobile

Dine Al Fresco With Beautiful Outdoor Furniture

To maximize your backyard’s entertaining space, it’s important to set up an al fresco dining area. This is a key area where guests will gather before and during the party.

It’s advised to place your outdoor dining area near the kitchen. Choosing the perfect outdoor dining set involves selecting seating options that easily fit around a table with plenty of room for guests of all sizes.

al fresco dining set up with concrete outdoor table
al fresco dining set up with concrete outdoor table for mobile

(pictured above) The Bordeaux Round Outdoor Dining Table paired with the Mendocino Side Chair

Make sure the table and chairs are sturdy enough to handle any amount of people who may sit at it, as well as being easy to clean after use (so no splinters or mildew). Concrete outdoor furniture is an increasingly popular option due to it’s durability and stylish look.

Add Lighting to Your Backyard for Entertaining

Add lighting to your yard to create a party atmosphere. Lighting is a great way to add mood and ambiance to your yard, especially if you’re planning an evening event. It also can highlight features of the yard (if it’s shady, for example), or simply serve as a backdrop for guests who are enjoying drinks and snacks in your outdoor space.

Lighting can also be an effective way for guests who arrive at different times—or who don’t know their way around as well as other guests—to find their way around the yard without getting lost in its dark corners.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

A convenient outdoor cooking area is helpful when transforming your yard into an entertaining space. While not absolutely required, it’s great to have an outdoor space where you can cook and serve your guests.

A full outdoor kitchen requires electricity or running water while they’re in there. However even a more basic set up with a BBQ, outdoor pizza oven, and/or bar table for serving food and drinks adds a lot of value for backyard entertaining.

outdoor kitchen and pizza oven with bar chairs in foreground
outdoor kitchen and pizza oven with bar chairs in foreground for mobile

(pictured above) Outdoor kitchen BBQ and wood-fired pizza oven with various outdoor bar chairs and bar stools in the foreground.

Cover Your Patio

Patio covers can be as simple as a canopy, or they may be more complex and multi-level. There are many ways to use patio covers to extend the season and create shade and privacy. Patio covers can also be permanent or temporary depending on your needs.

Saving Money Enabling a Backyard for Entertaining

The best way to create an outdoor space that’s comfortable and inviting is by using what you already have. If you don’t have many backyard chairs, but you do have a few tables, consider placing them around your yard in a way that makes sense for the space. You can also use furniture from inside your house like couches or even beds if there is enough room outside.

The important thing to remember is that creating an inviting atmosphere doesn’t need to cost a lot of money! Creativity and a bit of thoughtful planning go a long way.


We hope that these tips have helped you get inspired to create the perfect outdoor entertainment area. Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touches, too!

It’s not about being able to afford everything on this list—it’s about being creative in finding ways to make your backyard look good without breaking the bank. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you do and share it with others; good luck!