Fall is a wonderful time to get together with friends and family. Between holidays, cooler weather, and weekend sports, it’s an exciting time to share the joy of your home with others.

When hosting guests, you want the best experience for them. Healthy, safe, and sustainable practices are all essential to their well-being of your guests.

Therefore, next time you host get-together, incorporate eco-friendly practices into the event. Not only will you help the planet, but by practicing sustainability at home, you’ll inspire your guests to do the same.

Source Organic & Sustainable Foods and Supplies

sustainable dining utensils

For starters, try to incorporate organic practices into your lifestyle. Not only will you be working on your own personal wellness, but you’ll also be extending that help to the environment as well.

One of the best ways to do so is by shopping organic and locally. For those with the space in their yard, growing your own foods is a fun hobby and fabulous way to embrace sustainability at home.

When entertaining, use only sustainable utensils and plates made from wood or paper. Offer guests reusable and biodegradable bags to take home leftovers with.

Embrace the Outdoors

Outdoor entertaining is one of the best ways to bring joy to your guests. From the blooming of flowers in the Spring to the dazzling transformation of leaves in the Fall, there’s an abundance of beauty outdoors.

outdoor dining for sustainability with the Mariposa collection

(pictured above) The Mariposa collection combines matte-finished aluminum with Italian all-weather rope and high-tech paint-infused glass to furnish outdoor spaces with exceptional élan.

There are numerous ways that you can transform your backyard into an eco-friendly fall oasis for both you and your guests. Cooking and dining outdoors eliminates the need to run an oven indoors on hot days. Similarly, entertaining outside means no need for energy-gobbling A/C to be run indoors to keep guests cool.

Lastly, spending time outdoors offers numerous health benefits as well. Fresh air lowers stress and blood pressure, and studies show being outside is a natural mood booster as well.

Shop & Share Eco-Friendly Products

An easy way to educate your guests on sustainability is to shop more consciously by actively seeking out sustainable-based brands and products for the event you’re hosting. Whether you are interested in shopping second-hand or other eco-friendly items, both can be an enormous help in lowering your carbon footprint.

Terra Outdoor founder sourcing sustainable, plantation-grown teak in Indonesia

For example, Terra Outdoor only uses sustainably grown, responsibly-sourced Indonesian legal wood for all our teak furnishings. Working directly with top manufacturers of premium plantation-grown teak furnishings ensures quality and sustainability.

Practice sustainability at home when entertaining by opting for sustainably-sourced furniture, or by choosing items for guest gift bags like environmentally-friendly sunglasses.

Conserve Energy

One of the most important things for sustainability at home when entertaining is to conserve energy. As mentioned earlier, entertaining outdoors is a great start as it eliminates the need for heating/cooling indoors, and allows for natural light to lead the way.

fire tables provide heat from propane, a clean energy source
fire tables provide heat from propane, a clean energy source

However, should the party carry into the evening, lighting is still possible in a sustainable manner. There are numerous options available today for solar-powered outdoor light strings.  Additionally, keeping your patio warm with an elegant outdoor fire table only requires the use of propane, which boasts the lowest carbon content of any fossil fuel.

Fall is a wonderful time of year to implement change and spend time with the people that mean the most to you. Embracing sustainability at home with your friends and family is one of the best things that you can do to help better the environment. It only takes one person to make a change, so by showing your loved ones how to make an impact, creates an even bigger movement.